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Princeton University, Computer Science Department

Ph.D., Computer Science
Research Areas: Computer Graphics and Computer Vision
Topics: Acquisition and analysis of the shape and appearance of real-world objects. Algorithms for
processing and visualizing complex datasets including matching and non- photorealistic rendering.
Thesis: Matching, Visualizing and Archiving Cultural Heritage Artifacts Using Multi-Channel Images Teaching: COS 126 General Computer Science, COS 226 Algorithms and Data Structures
Advisor: Dr. Szymon Rusinkiewicz

Cornell University, Program of Computer Graphics

M.S., Architecture, Major: Computer Graphics
Research Areas: Conceptual modeling tools for architectural design
Topics: Developed a visualization system to teach the mathematical concepts behind projective geometry. Introduced software and novel digital rear-projected display systems to architecture students at Cornell.
Thesis: A Computer-Based Approach for Teaching Architectural Drawing
Teaching: Introduced architecture students to computer graphics in a novel design studio. Advisor: Dr. Donald Greenberg

Cornell University, College of Architecture, Art and Planning

B.Arch (Class Rank 4 out of 21)
Thesis: On Site Museum of Oral History, Nassau, Bahamas

Cornell Abroad: Studied significant architectural works and cultures in Italy, Africa and Malta

Professional Experience

University of Florida Gainesville, Computer & Information Science & Engineering Dept.

Assistant Professor, Computer Science
Director, Graphics Imaging & Light Measurement Laboratory (GILMLab)

University of California Davis, Computer Science Department, Davis, CA

UC President’s Postdoctoral Fellow

University of California Berkeley, CITRIS Banatao Institute, Berkeley, CA

Affiliated Researcher

Yale University, Computer Science Department, New Haven, CT

Yale Postdoctoral Fellow – Working with Professor Holly Rushmeier

Adobe Systems, Advanced Technology Labs, San Jose, CA

Computer Vision Group –Developed system for creating computer-generated mosaics.

Google Inc., Boulder, Colorado

Google SketchUp Team – Developed prototype for controlling line density in SketchUp models.

Autodesk Inc., San Francisco, CA

Software Engineer – 3D Graphics System Team

Implemented platform enhancements to the 3D graphics system to improve efficiency; Developed 3D navigation, rendering, and presentation tools; Developed API’s for 3rd party developers; Notable contributions to
AutoCAD 2002, 2004 and 2005: 3D Graphics Configuration, True Color Support, Shaded Viewport Plotting, 3D Navigation Tools, Microsoft Windows Logo Certification, and Sheet Set Management.

Special Project – Strategic Accounts: Led pilot project between Autodesk executives and two international architecture firms – HOK and Gensler; Consulted on-site at firms to develop and integrate new technologies.

Hawley Peterson & Snyder Architects, Mountain View, CA

Software Engineer/Project Architect
Led collaborative Design-Assist project to integrate Building Information Modeling Technology into the design process to estimate construction time/cost: Projects – Camino Medical Group Campus, Palo Alto Medical Facility.

Research Software Developed

iDigFossils App

Developed 3D visualization app for interpreting fossils to teach STEM concepts in middle schools


Developed hardware and software for data capture, normal reconstruction and computer assisted matching.

Deployed system on-site at the Akrotiri Excavation Laboratory of Wall Paintings, Santorini, Greece


Developed system for generating scientific visualizations of surface details on real-world objects.


Google Anita Borg Scholarship for Women in Computer Science: Finalist
Autodesk 2002 Software Developer Award
Shreve Award: MS Thesis Project – For excellence and originality
The Eschweiler Prize: Recognized for outstanding academic accomplishments

Sponsored Research

UF Informatics Institute Seed Fund Focus on AI, $39,960.00, Start Date 08/03/2021, Co-PI
NSF iTest  (#1510410) $1,194,054.00, Start Date 02/11/2016 Co-PI
NSF iDigBio Visiting Scholar Award, PI Corey Toler-Franklin
University of California President’s Postdoctoral Fellowship, PI Corey Toler-Franklin
National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship
Presidential Fellowship, Princeton University
Merit Award, Princeton University
Robert James Eidlitz Traveling Fellowship



Multiscale Detection of Cancerous Tissue in High Resolution Slide Scans

Qingchao Zhang, Coy D. Heldermon, Corey Toler-Franklin. Advances in Visual Computing. ISVC 2020. Lecture Notes in Computer Science. 2020 October; 12509. DOI:

Learning How to Match Fresco Fragments

Thomas Funkhouser, Hijung Shin, Corey Toler-Franklin, Antonio Garcia Castaneda, Benedict Brown, David Dobkin, Szymon Rusinkiewicz, Tim Weyrich.
Eurographics 2011 Special Area Track on Cultural Heritage, Llandudno, UK

Multi-Feature Matching of Fresco Fragments

Corey Toler-Franklin, Benedict Brown, Tim Weyrich, Thomas Funkhouser, Szymon Rusinkiewicz.
ACM Transactions on Graphics (Proc. SIGGRAPH Asia), Seoul, Korea

A System for High-Volume Acquisition and Matching of Fresco Fragments: Reassembling Theran Wall Paintings:

Benedict Brown, Corey Toler-Franklin, Diego Nehab, Michael Burns, Andreas Vlachopoulos, Christos Doumas, David Dobkin, Szymon Rusinkiewicz, Tim Weyrich.
ACM Transactions on Graphics (Proc. SIGGRAPH), Los Angeles, CA

Illustration of Complex Real-World Objects using Images with Normals.

Corey Toler-Franklin, Adam Finkelstein, and Szymon Rusinkiewicz.
International Symposium on Non-Photorealistic Animation and Rendering (NPAR) San Diego, CA


Principles and Practices of Robust, Photography-based Digital Imaging Techniques for Museums:

Co-presented full day course. Presented acquisition and rendering algorithms for museum conservation. VAST 11th International Symposium on Virtual Reality, Archaeology and Cultural Heritage
(Proc. EUROGRAPHICS 2010), Palais du Louvre, Paris, France

Journal Papers

Learning How to Match Fresco Fragments

Thomas Funkhouser, Hijung Shin, Corey Toler-Franklin, Antonio Garcia Castaneda, Benedict Brown, David Dobkin, Szymon Rusinkiewicz, Tim Weyrich.
Journal on Computing and Cultural Heritage 4(2)

Textbook Chapters

Blackwell Companions to Anthropology: A Companion to Rock Art
Chapter 14: Rock art as digital heritage: advances is photo enhancement technology and digital archiving Ruth Tringham, Michael Ashley and Cinzia Perlingieri (University of California, Berkeley) , Liam Brady (University of Western Australia), Mark Mudge, Tommy Noble, Neffra Matthews, Szymon Rusinkiewicz , Corey Toler-Franklin and Carla Schroer (Cultural Heritage Imaging, Princeton University), Wiley Publishing 2012.

Invited Talks/Workshops


NYCEP (the New York Consortium in Evolutionary Primatology)
and the Richard Gilder Graduate School at the American Museum of Natural History, New York, New York


3D Multi-Spectral Imaging & Analysis Methods for Applications in
Biodiversity & Cultural Heritage Preservation

March 2016
Yale University, Center for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage, New Haven, Connecticut

3D Imaging & Analysis Methods for Applications in Biodiversity
March 2016

University of California San Diego, Conference for African American Researchers in the Mathematical Sciences, San Diego, CA

Multi-Spectral Imaging Techniques for Analyzing Biological Specimens

University of Florida iDigBio HUB, Gainesville, Florida

Data Capture and Analysis of Artifacts and Biological Specimens Using Multi-Channel Images

The National Evolutionary Synthesis Center, Duke University, Durham, North Carolina

Multi-Spectral Imaging Techniques for Analyzing Biological Specimens

Lehman College CUNY Computer Science Department, Bronx, New York

Analyzing Biological Specimens Using Multi-Spectral Images

University of California Berkeley, The CITRIS Banatao Institute, Berkeley, California

Research Exchange Series: Matching, Visualizing, and Archiving Artifacts Using Multi-Channel Images

The American Museum of Natural History (AMNH), New York, New York

Data Acquisition Techniques for Documenting and Analyzing Biological Specimens

Yale University Computer Science Department, New Haven CT

Matching, Visualizing and Archiving Cultural Heritage Artifacts Using Multi-Channel Images

Yale University, Peabody Museum, SPNHC 27th Annual meeting, New Haven, CT

Digitizing the Thera Frescoes : Practical 3D acquisition methods for museum conservation

Adobe Systems, Inc., Advanced Technologies Lab, San Francisco, California

Matching, Visualizing and Archiving Cultural Heritage Artifacts Using Multi-Channel Images

University of California Berkeley Computer Science Department, Berkeley, California

Visual Computing Lab Talk: Computer Graphics and Computer Vision Techniques for Preserving Artifacts

Akrotiri Excavation Laboratory of Wall Paintings, Santorini, Greece

Summer Workshop Session: A Matching System for Reassembling the Theran Frescos

University of Oxford, Oxford, United Kingdom

RTISAD Oxford Workshop: Digital Transformations: New developments in cultural heritage imaging

University of California Los Angeles Math Department, Los Angeles, California

Guest Lecturer: Applied Math/Image Processing Seminar: Pattern Matching Algorithms and Reassembly Systems

Hewlett Packard Laboratories Palo Alto, California

Technical Talk Series: Computer Graphics for Cultural Heritage Preservation

University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California

Computer Graphics Techniques for Digitizing and Visualizing Artifacts

Rochester Institute of Technology, Center for Imaging Science, Rochester, New York

Colloquium Talk: Matching, Visualizing and Analyzing Artifacts Using Multi-Channel Images

The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) Conservation Department, New York, New York

Generating Scientific Illustrations using Non-Photorealistic Rendering

Adobe Systems, Inc., San Jose, California

Non-Photorealistic Illustration using RGBN Images

Google Inc., Boulder Colorado

Google Tech Talk Series: A Prototype for Controlling Line Density in 3D Models

Professional Service


Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)

European Association for Computer Graphics (EG)

IEEE Computer Society

National Society of Black Engineers (NESBE)

American Institute of Architects (AIA)

National Organization of Minority Architects (NOMA)

Wesley L. Harris Scientific Society (Founding Member),

Princeton, University (WLHSS)

Technical Program Committee Memberships

Eurographics International Scientific Committee
International Symposium on Virtual Reality, Archaeology and Cultural Heritage, VAST 2010, 2011, 2013 Eurographics Workshop on Graphics and Cultural Heritage, GCH2014
Digital Heritage 2013 (Under the patronage of UNESCO ), International Congress 2013
ACM Journal on Computing and Cultural Heritage (JOCCH), 2013, 2014

Other Service

Women in Science and Engineering at Princeton Focus Group

Autodesk Design Your Future Program for Women in Science and Technology