Vivian Cuadra

Vivian Garcia

Vivian Garcia

Vivian Garcia is an undergraduate student at the University of Florida. Currently, she is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Statistics and Computer Science.

At GILM lab, Vivian is investigating multi-modal registration algorithms for mapping data from different imaging devices to 3D geometry. She is also exploring multispectral image analysis methods for practical applications in biology and other related life science fields.

Vivian is the outreach coordinator of the Statistics Club and an active member of the Data Science and Informatics student organization. This summer, Vivian will be participating in the Summer Institute of Biostatistics program at Emory University.


The University of Florida

Bachelor of Science, Statistics
Bachelor of Science, Computer Science
Expected Graduation Date: Spring 2020
Current GPA: 3.56

Experience & Activities

Outreach Coordinator | Statistics Club

Mentors, assists, and recruits new members.
Manages social media to update members on events and opportunities.
Attends programming workshops on various statistical languages.
Explores new topics and career options in Statistics

Active Member | Data Science and Informatics

Attend lectures and workshops.
Network with students interested in data science.

Historian | Math Team

Organized and informed all members of meetings and competition information.
Organized fundraisers and shirt sales.
Kept records of team experiences with photos and created yearly scrapbooks.
Competed at state level on the Pre-Calculus, Calculus, and Statistics teams.
10th Place Statistics, Florida Gulf Coast Invitational Math Competition, 2015
3rd Place Digital Scrapbook, State Math Competition, 2015 & 2016

Treasurer | Class of 2016

Managed class funds.
Informed entire class on events and deadlines via mass text messages and social media platforms.
Organized various fundraisers for class events

Award & Honors

University of Florida Dean’s List | Fall 2016
University of Florida College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Dean’s Medal | Spring 2017


Microsoft Word
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Excel.
Fluent in Spanish