TEXTBOOK CHAPTERS: Blackwell Companions to Anthropology – A Companion to Rock Art

TEXTBOOK CHAPTERS: Blackwell Companions to Anthropology – A Companion to Rock Art


Blackwell Companions to Anthropology: A Companion to Rock Art

Chapter 14: Rock art as digital heritage: advances is photo enhancement technology and digital archiving Ruth Tringham, Michael Ashley and Cinzia Perlingieri (University of California, Berkeley) , Liam Brady (University of Western Australia), Mark Mudge, Tommy Noble, Neffra Matthews, Szymon Rusinkiewicz , Corey Toler-Franklin and Carla Schroer (Cultural Heritage Imaging, Princeton University), Wiley Publishing 2012.


This unique guide provides an artistic and archaeological journey deep into human history, exploring the petroglyphic and pictographic forms of rock art produced by the earliest humans to contemporary peoples around the world.

  • Summarizes the diversity of views on ancient rock art from leading international scholars
  • Includes new discoveries and research, illustrated with over 160 images (including 30 color plates) from major rock art sites around the world
  • Examines key work of noted authorities (e.g. Lewis-Williams, Conkey, Whitley and Clottes), and outlines new directions for rock art research
  • Is broadly international in scope, identifying rock art from North and South America, Australia, the Pacific, Africa, India, Siberia and Europe
  • Represents new approaches in the archaeological study of rock art, exploring issues that include gender, shamanism, landscape, identity, indigeneity, heritage and tourism, as well as technological and methodological advances in rock art analyses

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